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Thanks to everyone  who has so far contributed their ideas or just let us know about how you feel about Tiverton and its shopping.  Please continue to provide your feedback - we read it  all  & have taken your views on board.

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Hot News. Tiverton has won a £100K to be spent on town projects.

The Government confirmed at the end of July that Tiverton has won one of the 15 positions in the Round 2 pilot scheme and that the town has been awarded the full £100k. In addition, the win means that we now have access to High Street, Retail and Business mentoring from some of the top names in the industry.  Tiverton will also join a forum with the other winners where we can hopefully help influence Government policy on Towns and gain advice from the other pilot towns.  

One of our strengths is that we garnered your support for the town. We reached out and secured support from landlords, major high street names (Tesco, NatWest, Lloyds TSB, Costa etc), local and district councils, Devon and Cornwall Police authority, Health agencies (Tiverton Hospital and various town centre doctors surgeries) with our Job Centre and also the local schools and Leisure centres.  This support together with our Town Trade Association, local shops and businesses and Attraction Group shows the level of commitment people have towards Tiverton.

It is important to note that with  our five key aims, Tiverton Town Team has also committed to the Government that we will work on the other recommendations from the Mary Portas review. For example, car parking and use of the market are also major issues for Tiverton and ones that we are currently working on.

Tiverton wins cash, advice and mentoring

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