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Pop up restaurants, community shops, galleries, promote reduction in business rates & landlord responsibilities ...

Fill Empty Shops

Promote Tiverton to the tourist attractions to get the tourists to visit other attractions nearby and also Tiverton Town itself.

Voucher Scheme

It’s not glamorous but improved signage works. Signs to Tiverton to be more attractive & signs in Tiverton to be more helpful.


Establish and promote a town centre coach park to encourage touring companies & day trippers to come to Tiverton.

Coach Park
New Coach Park.  There are no coach parks in the town. We've done a deal with Banburys to convert their car park into a coach park.  Attraction Visitors will be able to pop into town.

Schemes to encourage for residents of Tiverton & the surrounding villages to choose Tiverton for their weekly shopping.

Shopper Loyalty Scheme

The smaller shops in Tiverton generally do not stay  un tenanted for long and the town is well serviced with independent retailers.  However, as with many other UK towns, when national retailers go bust the loss of  their stores has a marked impact on the look and use of the high street  by shoppers which can lead to a tired and neglected look giving the wrong impression of the town.

Empty Shops and what can we do to improve the situation

We have a fantastic high street but it can be tough out there.  In addition to helping small and medium sized business to setup and/or expand in Tiverton we want to attract national chains to take on some of the larger footprint stores in Fore Street and Market Walk.  

There are a number of larger empty shops on the main shopping streets, these empty spaces are taking a while to sell or rent. We are hoping to help change that.  On Fore St. for example, with the closure of Waterstones, Trade Secrets, Clinton Cards and Julian Graves, this impacts on the remaining stores.

The closures generally reduces the footfall down the street which  means that  the  remaining  retailers  get less shoppers walking past their shops which in turn means that it gets opportunities to sell.

Well what can we do?   Firstly, we need to promote Tiverton as a shopping destination.  We have independent butchers, bakers, hardware stores in addition to  Argos, Clarkes, Burtons, Dorothy Perkins, Jo Amors ,cobblers, dry cleaners, shoe shops, a family department store and clothes and antiques with deli’s and coffee shops both Costa and local independents like the Flying Pickle.  Plus we have a great Pannier Market with a covered area.

So apart from marketing and promotion we also have three ideas we are working on :

 (1) The Town Team will potentially rent a high street shop and provide a  retail space for new and expanding businesses at subsidised rates for a fixed period so that the new business can establish  itself. We have a shop identified and we’ll announce the process shortly.  We’re also discussing taking on a larger shop to operate as a Co-operative space, whereby smaller business can get a high street position at lower costs.

 (2) For other empty shops we will have attractive displays showing Tivertons heritage .  We are in the process of actively persuading landlords to allow us to put in the displays at our cost.  

 (3) We’ll be providing up to a 100 market stalls a year, 2 a week for new business ventures, crafts people and traders of all sorts.  We’ll take the risk to support new careers.

Promote Pannier Market

The Tiverton market is a fantastic resource and if we had stalls on Fore Street it would remind people that the market is there but also attract visitors to both Fore Street area and the market.

Latest :

We are in discussions with chefs to open pop up restaurants in the town. The restaurants will open for 2 or 3 nights a month at first to see how it goes.

We have proposals in with 4 of the larger shops in town to allow us to tidy them up and install displays promoting the town and some of the attractions.

We are in final talks to get some children’s activities into some of the cafes and bars in the town to encourage more people to come into the town.

We are also talking to 3 landlords who have empty shops about possibly using these empty premises as town shops until they are filled by traders.

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