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Thanks to everyone  who has so far contributed their ideas or just let us know about how you feel about Tiverton and its shopping.  Please continue to provide your feedback - we read it  all  & have taken your views on board.

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Great news people…..

Tiverton Trade Association together with support from the Town Team have secured funding to setup and administer a loan scheme for small businesses who are operating in Tiverton and will impact the town centre.

Mid Devon District Council have awarded seed funding of £20K to the partnership to help businesses get a step up to trading on the market or in the shops or perhaps to help an existing business to expand

So all of you existing or budding entrepeneurs out there, if you have an idea, think you can back it up with a plan but need some dosh to get started then get in touch.

We will be looking at applications on a confidentiial and individual basis.

We can help you draw up some supporting paperwork and make sure that your idea has “some legs”.

A less than perfect credit history is not necessarily a problem, we are interested in helping local people make the most of local opportunities.

We will be releasing an application pack towards the end of the Feb, but if you want to discuss your idea then get in touch and we can organise a chat.


Loan Scheme for Small Businesses In Tiverton


The Portas Pilot scheme was launched as there is no one solution to the challenges that face our high street.

The government wants towns to try out a range of ideas and proposals and recommendations to try to help our towns high streets deal with a challenging economy and changing shopping habits.

Why become a Portas Pilot town.
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