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What are we going to work on?

The Portas Review has 28 recommendations that could benefit towns and their high street.  We’ve grouped the 18 that we wish deliver below :

Appoint landlord & developer liaison  to :

18. Help broker better deals for rent reviews for businesses

19. Work with council to increase disincentives for leaving shops vacant

20. Work with the towns Banks on their empty high street property

23. Introduce a public register of high street landlords

24. Run a high profile campaign to get people involved in Neighbourhood Plans

26. Work with developers to fund local communities have a voice

27. Promote community use of empty shops

Work with the councils Communities & Governance to :

4. Establish a new ...Market Day” so that anyone can have a go at running a stall

5.  Introduce a simple accountable process for being allowed to trade on the high street

7.  Promote business rate concessions to new local businesses

8.  Join national body to persuade business rates are calculated to CPI

           - i.e. price we pay for things

Trade Association to promote :

16. Large retailers to support & mentor local businesses and independent retailers

17. Launch retailer feedback system so that they can report on their involvement with  the towns high street

Core Town Team deliverables :

1.   Put in place a “Town Team”:

9.   Investigate & promote free controlled parking schemes & launch        car park league table in the town

10. Promote a safe, attraction town centre

25. Promote the inclusion of the High Street in Neighbourhood Plans

28. Run a number of High Street Pilots to test proof of concept

Tiverton Loyalty Scheme - Get benefits & special deals for shopping in the town. Tiverton
Attraction Voucher Scheme - There are 20 attractions in and around Tiverton - from National Trust properties, Railway Centre, Canal, Museums and the Castle - visit  one & get an incentive to visit another.

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