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Thanks to everyone  who has so far contributed their ideas or just let us know about how you feel about Tiverton and its shopping.  Please continue to provide your feedback -

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Pop up restaurants, community shops, galleries, promote reduction in business rates & landlord responsibilities ...

Fill Empty Shops

Promote Tiverton to the tourist attractions to get the tourists to visit other attractions nearby and also Tiverton Town itself.

Voucher Scheme

It’s not glamorous but improved signage works. Signs to Tiverton to be more attractive & signs in Tiverton to be more helpful.


It’s not just in Tiverton that retailers have been having a tough time.

Across the UK, there has been a fall in the number of people visiting the high streets of our towns.

After the launch of the Portas Pilot Scheme, Tiverton decided to put together a bid to try to secure £100,000 of funding for the town.  Like many towns we want to try to help local businesses seize opportunities when they arise ….

Establish and promote a town centre coach park to encourage touring companies & day trippers to come to Tiverton.

Coach Park
New Coach Park.  There are no coach parks in the town. We've done a deal with Banburys to convert their car park into a coach park.  Attraction Visitors will be able to pop into town. More ... More ...
Come on, its a great offer
5 Hours of Parking
    for only

If you use the multi storey on Phoenix Lane in Tiverton, which is next to the M&S store and only a 2 minute walk to the Town Centre you will only pay £1 for a full 5 hours of parking.

It’s a safe, secure and dry parking facility ready and waiting for you to use.

There are over 600 car parking spaces, so drive in and start saving......

Schemes to encourage for residents of Tiverton & the surrounding villages to choose Tiverton for their weekly shopping.

Shopper Loyalty Scheme
Sub Article 1 Free Parking ! Spend £10 in the town and get the cost of the first hour of parking back in town centre car parks.

Tiverton Town Team and the Tiverton Trade Association win additional funding to setup a small business loan scheme.

Mid Devon District Council’s High Street Innovation Fund is backing Tiverton.

Got an idea? Hen read more and get in touch.

Sub Article 2 More ...

Loan Scheme for Small Businesses In Tiverton